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Charles AlsbergFounder and Chairman

Education & Expertise

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering | University of Missouri – Rolla
  • Certified Professional Engineer
  • Past President of National Hydropower Association
  • Recipient of Henwood Award, the highest honor in the hydroelectric industry


  • Americas Energy Hydro Holdings, LLC and Americas Energy Services, LLC | Founder and Chairman Providing advisory and development work throughout the USA and Latin Americas
  • North American Hydro Holdings, Inc. & Associated Companies | Co-Founder, President and CEO | Owned and operated 43 hydroelectric projects in a five state region
  • Energia Del Futuro, SA and Talcanac Hydro, SA | Founder and Owner | Formed for the development of energy projects in Latin America
  • North American Phoenix Energy Services | Co-founder and CEO | Providing engineering and manufacturing equipment for the energy industry around the globe
  • Wisconsin Power & Light Company | Transmission/Distribution Engineer

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