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AES Brings Energy Experts to Your Organization

Americas Energy Services provides on-demand access to veterans from the energy industry. Our team collectively holds hundreds of years of work experience and its domains of expertise includes engineering, project management, regulatory/compliance, site acquisition, operations, and others especially as our services continue to expand. We continue to expand our experience and relationships as to span nearly every sector of the energy industry (Renewables and Non-Renewables).

Acquisition & Divestitures

Acquisition & Divestiture Support – An important part of your asset allocation strategy.

Increase & Protect Shareholder Value – Leverage our team to make the right decision for your situation.  Identify and analyze your best options in a cost-effective manner.


  • Creating a team of top talent
  • Determining an acquisition strategy
  • Defining SMART objectives and goals
  • Identifying of valuable improvements
  • Evaluating of the market: value & buyers
  • Execution and cost control
  • Strengthen your portfolio
  • Expanding global presence


  • Defining a strategy & objectives
  • Listing important assets
  • Selecting the best sale method
  • Conducting a baseline analysis
  • Deciding what goes and what stays
  • Evaluating risks and rewards
  • Analyze alternatives
  • Getting maximum value in finding the best buyer
  • Executing the transition
  • Evaluating buyer needs
  • Setting a realistic schedule
  • Addressing all final details
  • Validate the agreement

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