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AES Brings Energy Experts to Your Organization

Americas Energy Services provides on-demand access to veterans from the energy industry. Our team collectively holds hundreds of years of work experience and its domains of expertise includes:

  • Acquisition & Divestiture
  • Energy Development
  • Regulatory Management
  • Project Finance
  • Project Management
  • Relicensing Services

We continue to expand our experience and relationships as to span nearly every sector of the energy industry: Hydro, Solar, Wind and Power Delivery (Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources).  Offering a smart way to access energy expertise.

Acquisition & Divestiture

Increase & protect your shareholder value by leveraging our team to help you develop and implement a comprehensive acquisition or divestiture strategy.

Acquisition Strategy Considerations & Assistance

-Create/assure a team of top talent

-Define SMART objectives and goals

-Identify improvements

-Valuation & buyer market assessment

-Execute transaction

-Cost controlStrengthen investment/ business portfolio

-Expand global presence


-Develop the strategy and objectives

-Identify and list important assets

-Determine sale method

-Conduct a baseline analysis

-Decide what goes and what stays

-Evaluate the risks and rewards

-Analyze alternatives

-Find a suitable buyer

-Execute the transaction

-Set a realistic schedule

-Review fiscal impact

-Address final details

-Validate the agreement

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