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Americas Energy Services provides on-demand access to veterans from the energy industry. Our team collectively holds hundreds of years of work experience and its domains of expertise includes engineering, project management, regulatory/compliance, site acquisition, operations, and others especially as our services continue to expand. We continue to expand our experience and relationships as to span nearly every sector of the energy industry. (Hydroelectric, Solar, Wind, Gas, Power Marketing).

Our flexible engagement model allows you to bring AES experts into your organization on as-needed basis. We provide our clients with experts for turnkey projects, perpetual support, mission critical programs, and troubleshooting and problem solving tough business and technical issues. Our experts can be an active part of your team’s daily operations or be on standby, like an insurance plan.

AES always provide its clients with transparent billing and predictable billing cycles. The value our professionals create for our clients typically far exceeds any amount invoiced.

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